Bull de la llengua

black and white

allergen free PRODUCTS pork


Pieces of shoulder and belly pork, bacon fat, pork cheek meat, innards, pork face meat, dewlap, kidney, face and neck fat cubes, tongue, natural gut casing, salt and black pepper.


A part of the pieces of raw minced meat is mixed with the bacon fat, the pork cheek meat, the innards, the pork face meat and the kidney, face and neck fat cubes, all previously cooked in the boiler. The mixture is seasoned with salt and pepper and mixed until a homogeneous paste is formed. It is stuffed into casings made up of pork’s belly. The entire tongue is added. Next, it is boiled again for 2 hours and 45 minutes at a temperature of 85ºC. Once cooked, it is placed in trays, and when cooled down, it is kept in the refrigerator until it is shipped. Thanks to this process, a very distinctive and gelatinous consistency and texture are obtained, typical of the lifelong handmade cold sausages.


Preserve by refrigeration or at +4º C.




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