"Tancant Cercles" is the expression of our way of life.

Our philosophy of producing in accordance with the traditional handmade ways and controlling every single production process.

The circle starts on the land, which is the origin of everything and the one that gives sense to what we are: a farm family. A great deal of the cereals (barley, maize…), which will later be turned into feedstuff for the animals, is grown on our farm. Barley, maize, soybean, peas and soybean oil are the food basis of our pigs, calves andpoulardes. The feedstuff is grinded with our own home mill, which is essential to give priority to quality in order to provide food with a clear target: to breed healthy well-balanced animals with a good potential tasty value.

The process continues in our farms, where we carry out a rigorous genetic mixture, which guarantees well-shaped pork with a very good fat infiltration. This is fundamental to offer an excellent range of products such as botifarres (Catalan pork sausage),botifarres de perol (Catalan cooked pork sausage made from freshly killed pork), bulls (Catalan blood sausage), sobrassada (Majorcan red sausage), pork loin, chops, ribs…which looks for the traditional taste and seek for the genuine flavours of a preparation thanks to the experience of several generations.
And, in the end, our products lay on the table where this circle full of enthusiasm and success is finally closed.

CAL ROVIRA is a closed circle pig holding meaning the entire breeding process is carried out in our farms, from the birth to the fattening.

we are sustainable.

cousalut comida saludable
cousalut comida saludable
cousalut comida saludable


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